Me being creative.
In this ever-evolving digital age, I sometimes feel like the value of the creative process has been reduced to choosing a WordPress theme and selecting logo art from a stock site. Has the importance of the creative process been minimized to a secondary consideration? I don’t think so.
The fact is that creative has always been the cornerstone for excellence in marketing and advertising. As creative professionals, my peers and I play a critical role in helping brands develop the value proposition, design the outreach system and communicate with customers. The execution of the creative process is the one factor that will continue to help brands stand out. And big budget or small, it is more important than ever to find the right creative talent for the job.
So, about me. I started out as simply a freelance graphic designer and built that business into a full service ad agency. As an agency we had a lot of success, and over the years I had great teams of creatives and marketing people, and even more satisfied clients. As we grew, I found my role as a business owner growing more and more and my involvement in the creative process shrinking. Not exactly what I planned on in those early years. So a few years ago I consolidated, moved to a home office, and became a creative and marketing guy again. Extended morphing complete.  
Today, I consider myself a creative consultant who just happens to be a creative provider. As a consultant, I offer all kinds of experience in the practice and process of developing successful marketing plans and campaigns, and I believe in myself when it comes to really thinking through a need and its solution. 
And creatively speaking, I love design. Love copywriting. Love developing a thoughtful, integrated media plan. Love getting my hands dirty to find the perfect solution.
I am constantly challenged to find ways to uniquely mix traditional and new media to benefit my clients' needs. That’s what makes assembling a powerful plan of action so exciting. And finding the mix that will work for my client (print, broadcast, video, direct and out-of-home, online, apps and software – in additional to the ideal creative approach) is hard work, but it’s worth it.
This is essentially what I bring to clients... an open-minded, media-oriented, success-driven mindset that considers all options before bringing creative ideas to the table.
The outcome of all of that hard work is real solutions. Not just pretty pictures or outrageous headlines or designs. But solutions that are designed to create awareness, build interest, establish relationships, increase market share and establish long-term customer satisfaction. That’s the bottom line.
Throughout my career, I have developed overall branding and specific marketing-related campaigns for clients of all shapes and sizes. From high tech to retail, hospitality to healthcare... and everything in between. I’ve worked with some of the largest and most respected companies and organizations here in Connecticut and beyond, and I’ve had work honored by a number of industry publications, sites and organizations.
Over the years, I’ve brought together teams of some of the best creative talent around to produce everything under the marketing umbrella, including identity programs, dynamic content for websites, email campaigns, print, broadcast and digital advertising, sales collateral, packaging, movie set graphics, travel guides, corporate videos, conference and event promotions, retail displays, and much, much more.
All of that experience creates the foundation that has continually put me in a position to push my clients’ marketing programs to meet and exceed expectations through creative solutions with a true, determined purpose. 
Interested? Let’s do this.

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